1. TV For Dinner podcast Episode 4: Brought to You by the Letter O and the Color Black

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    Happy summer, friends! This is the brunch edition, brought to you by the letter O and the color Black. Ben, Lydia, Stefania and Conrad dig into Season 2 of Orange is the New Black and issues of race and sexuality, especially. So many characters to discuss - from Taystee to Suzanne AKA Crazy Eyes, Rosa as the star of this season, and Laverne Cox’s role as a transgender hero on the cover of Time magazine. We all are enamored by the use of flashbacks and learning about each character’s past, from Black Cindy’s time as a tragic airport security employee to Morello’s big reveal to Poussey’s romance in Germany. Plus, there are so many little gems and pop culture quips to go over. We will never forgive Big Boo for her unspeakable act. We talk about how Netflix as a platform allows the show freedom in terms of genre, shifting from episodic TV to its cinematic season finale.

    We bid Lydia adieu while the rest of us chat about Orphan Black Season 2, how action-packed, expansive and ambitious the show has become. The series has become a masterful display of genre fusions. We are impressed by Mrs. S’ new image and revelation as a badass, from the nurturing yet suspicious caretaker in Season 1. We are a bit over the kidnapping plot lines, though, and could do with more Helena, from falling in love at a truck stop bar to her assassination attempts. Also, where is this show set? New York or one of its Canadian filming counterparts, or its own Gotham City? The look retains a Girl With a Dragon Tattoo feel, while bumping up its production values. We talk about the show’s style and ALL THE WIGS. Of course, we cannot not applaud Tatiana Maslany’s brilliant acting.

    Until next time, where we talk about all shows we caught up on during the summer, as well as the off season summer gems!


  2. TV For Dinner podcast Episode 3: “Hello Dawn…Happy Valentine’s Day Shirley”

    In our third episode, Ben and Stefania dig deep on Mad Men season 7, Parks and Recreation and Mean Girls’ 10 year anniversary. Thanks to Conrad for editing the episode even if he couldn’t make it.

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    And don’t forget to eat your candy.


  3. ICYMI: Our latest podcast!

    Still trying to decide which Oscar films you should rent? Having mixed feelings about the fate of American Horror Story? Look no further - check out our latest TV For Dinner Podcast on iTunes.


  4. New Episode: Glee 5x10, “Trio”

    Belated, I know, as yet another episode of Glee is hot on my heels as I finally post this, but better late than never!

    This week, a quick recap and then—because it seems as sensible a topic when it comes to this show as any other—I offer you my Top Ten Facial Expressions from what was an episode jam-packed with good ones. Don’t say I can’t come up with any good content.


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  5. New Episode: Glee 5x09, “Frenemies”

    Glee came back this week, bringing to a close the seemingly interminable hiatus we’ve all been enduring since whenever-the-heck-the-last-episode-was-I-actually-can’t-even-remember.


    (Can I just take a minute to say how much I love when Rachel just gets to be Rachel, in all her majestic diva glory? <3)

    (Mild spoilers contained herein for the general shape of Glee going forward, though nothing for specific episodes. Probably nothing you don’t already know if you spend much time on the internet. Also quite picture heavy.)

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